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People really like the original Write app. It’s powerful, it’s simple, and it’s only 99 cents.

But for more advanced writing experience, we introduce you to Write 2 and Write 2 Lite, the ultimate on-the-go writing, note-taking, and markdown editing app for iPhone,iPod Touch, and iPad with Auto Sync to Dropbox. Typing on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad will never be the same again! Even Write 2 is equipped with WriteMate, a free app that can transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into an external keyboard.

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WriteMate, The New Typing Style. And It’s FREE!!

Do you have more than one iOS devices? Got both iPhone and iPad? Perfect! This app will transform your iPhone/iPod Touch into an external bluetooth keyboard for typing on your Write 2 app.

A new study says typing is actually the most common frustration among tablet users. Yes, sometimes you maybe feel awkward when typing on an iPad because of some problems, such as too big portrait keyboard for thumb-typing, too small landscape keyboard for ten-finger typing, useful keys and punctuation marks that are hard to be reached, and so on. For you who type on iPhone/iPod Touch, sometimes you need extended keys to access more typing functions quickly. These are why some of you need external bluetooth keyboards.

WriteMate is unique because it is not only able to replace those pricey accessories, but also become an extended keyboard for the iPad or iPhone. Now you can type comfortably while doing text entry to Write 2 on their iPad, reach the useful keys and punctuation marks directly, and do some cool typing styles.

WriteMate Screenshots

Combining WriteMate & Write 2 together allows you to boost your productivity by doing on-the-go writing in a fun and enjoyable way. This is exactly the typing style for the rest of us.

WriteMate’s main features are:

  • Elegant and easy-to-use app that makes writing activity fun, enjoyable, and addictive
  • Several external/extended keyboard modes for typing on Write 2
  • Remote mode provides full iOS keyboard plus additional keys (smart brackets, smart quotes, arrows, undo/redo, markdown characters, etc.)
  • Numbers mode provides realistic numpad-like key layout
  • Miscellaneous mode provides numerous other useful keys
  • etc.

By the way it’s FREE. Get it here: http://bit.ly/getWriteMateApp

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Write 2 app for iPad is now Available! With promotional price!!

Folks, the iPad version is here!! It’s universal, bundled with the iPhone version. Get 2 products for 1 Promotional Price!!
BTW, the iPad version has some very powerful new features!
Get it now! Before the price goes up!

Folks, the iPad version is here!! It’s universal, bundled with the iPhone version. Get 2 products for 1 Promotional Price!!

BTW, the iPad version has some very powerful new features!

Get it now! Before the price goes up!

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There couldnt possibly be a better app for writing - ★★★★★ ‘Easy and functional, makes writing far more enjoyable’
a satisfied reviewer (Canada)

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Perfect ★★★★★ ‘As all the other reviewers have said, it does all you need it to do - simply and well.’
Finano (UK)

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How Do Write 2 Automatically Sync to Dropbox?

Work with ease using Write 2’s ‘Auto Sync to Dropbox’ feature.

First, you need to have a Dropbox account. If you don’t have one, you can get it here. 2GB Free account is waiting for you.

Once you’ve set it up, you can link your Write 2 app to your Dropbox Account. Tap the image button on the lower toolbar. Scroll to the bottom of the Preferences page to the Dropbox section.

Tap the ‘Link Account’ button. You’ll be asked to enter email and password for your Dropbox account.

After successfully linking your Write 2 to Dropbox, you can switch the Auto Sync on. From now on, whenever you make changes & save your text files it will be automatically uploaded to your Dropbox directory. And vice versa, if you make changes on any other devices, those changed files will be automatically downloaded to your Write 2 app on your iPhone via Dropbox.

This way, you can always be sure that you have the same file version between the ones on Write 2 and the ones on your other devices.

Simple & easy.

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How can I create a bulleted list in Write 2?

The Auto Text can be a solution for this question. Auto text is a very cool feature that allows you to define your own typing shortcuts. And with your creativity the good use of this feature become quite a lot.

Add a new shortcut in the “Manage Auto Text” menu. Enter “addbulls” or any shortcut that you like. And in the “With” column type multiple bullets (with space behind them, we suggest).

So when you’re typing in Write 2, just type the shortcut you just created and hit [space], move the cursor behind the bullets & start typing the list.

By the way, you can use any character to be the bullets, even using Emoji or copy-paste special characters from anywhere!

It’s gonna be fun! Trust us.

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How can I create indentation in Write 2?

In Write 2 you can create indentation using the ‘auto text’ feature. Auto text is a very cool feature that allows you to define your own typing shortcuts. And with your creativity the good use of this feature become quite a lot.

To create indentation, first you have to add a new typing shortcut, for example “ind10”. Then type ten space characters as the replacement. It’s obvious that the number behind “ind” indicates the length of the indentation. You can set several different shortcuts to produce different lengths of the indentation.

Now every time you need an indentation while typing, just type “ind10” (without the quotation marks), tap [space] on your keyboard and start typing. Your text will be automatically indented. 

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What do you mean by “Full Screen writing”?

Full screen writing means the writing area occupy the screen entirely. In other words, more visible space for you to write. This gives Write a sleek, simple, distraction free writing environment.

As an example, here is the default Notes app compared with Write.

In portrait orientation, Write gives 27% more writing area compared to other non-fullscreen note apps, and in landscape the number goes up to 38%!

Fullscreen writing in landscape, comparison between Notes and Write

Write’s minimalistic, themed interface lets you focus on your writing. Writing on your iPhone/iPod Touch will never be the same again.

Try it yourself. Get it here http://itunes.com/apps/write.

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How Do Write Protect My Personal Notes?

Sometimes, what we write reflects our very personal thoughts, and we want to keep those personal thoughts private. Write app understands this, and provide two types of protection.

1. Built-in PIN protection

How this works?

First, you need to set a PIN. Open Write, and tap the on lower toolbar. Turn the PIN Protection to ON, and type your (secret) PIN twice, and tap OK.

If there’s something wrong with your PIN (e.g. you type two different PIN numbers or not exactly four digits) the PIN protection will be turned off.

Now Write will ask for this PIN every time you open the app.

PS: Use PIN for basic protection only. We can not guarantee that your writings can be 100% safe.

2. Emergency PIN

In case you’re under duress, forced to reveal your PIN, and can’t get out from the situation, just use the Emergency PIN to open a safe, temporary session complete with fake entries. Your notes won’t be displayed.

For the original Write app you can find your Emergency PIN in the welcome notes inside the app. For Write 2 the Emergency PIN is in the help menu inside the app.

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